streamer_jans trout crayfish_olive

Trout Crayfish, Jan’s 

Color: Olive
Sizes: #6-10
Imitates: Crayfish
Useful for: Imitating crayfish in both rivers and stillwaters.
Tricks/Techniques: Originally tied to be dead drifted on the Truckee River it proved very productive at South Fork Reservoir and Marlette Lake. Another trout fly that
doubles as a carp fly.


Hook: Orvis 1526, TMC 5263
Weight: .025 Wire
Thread: 3/0 Pale Olive
Eyes: Large Plastic Dumbbell
Rear Ball: Medium Orange Chenille
Claws: Olive Variant Rabbit Strips
Shellback: Mottled Thin Skin
Rib: Medium Chartreuse Wire
Hackle/Legs: J-Fair Medium Olive Nymph Hackle
Body: Pale/Light Olive Medium Cactus Chenille
streamer_wiggle tail_olive

Wiggle Tail, J-Fair’s

Color: Olive
Sizes: #8-12
Imitates: Leech, Baitfish, and Dragonfly nymphs.
Useful for: Every stillwaterin the west.
Tricks/Techniques: This is the famous wiggle tail tied originally for Eagle Lake and other sierra stillwaters. This fly is deadly and as far as I know it is still not comercially tied. Its heavily weighted so the fly swims like a jig on a sink tip or floating line.  


Hook: Orvis 62KC, TMC 2457
Weight: .020 Wire heavy
Thread: 6/0 Dark olive
Tail: J-Fair medium olive marabou sparse
Abdomen: Medium glimmer olive J-Fair short shuck
Hackle/Legs: J-Fair medium olive nymph saddle hackle
fly_eagle lake leech_cinnamon

Eagle Lake Leech

Color: Cinnamon
Sizes: #8-10
fly_crystal sculpin_tan

Crystal Sculpin, Jan’s

Color: Tan
Sizes: #4-10
streamer_seal bugger_olive

Seal Bugger

Color: Olive
Sizes: #8-10

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