Sheep Creek Special

nymph_improved sheep creek special

Sheep Creek Special

Color: Peacock
Sizes: #8-16
Imitates: Snails, Dragonflies, Callibaetis, Leech, Aquatic Beetles, and most other stillwater insects.
Useful for: All of the states stillwaters and in slow moving rivers. There is no better fly for stillwaters in the state.
Tricks/Techniques: This pattern is fished in larger sizes for leech and baitfish retrieved at a medium pace. The smaller sizes are best under an indicator or retrieved slowy. A great pattern for shallow subsurface feeding trout.


Hook: Orvis 1510
Thread: Olive 3/0
Rear Hackle: Brown Dry Saddle Hackle
Rear Rib: X-Small Silver Rib over Hackle
Body: Peacock Herl twisted with X-Small Wire in loop
Wing: Natural Barred White Mallard Flank

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