Pearl Caddis Pupa (w/ video)

nymph_jans pearl pupa_olive
Pearl Caddis Pupa, Jan’s

Color: Olive
Sizes: #12-18
Imitates: Emerging Caddis Pupa
Useful for: Carson, Walker, and Truckee Rivers during mid summer green rock worm/rhyacophila hatches. The pearl ice dubbing is used to imitate the glass gas bubble that forms around some pupa as they ascend to the surface to hatch.
Tricks/Techniques: Dead drifting near the bottom is the most effective method on the Truckee and Walker Rivers. Allow this fly to swing at the end of the drift to imitate the rising action of the naturals as they swim/rise to the surface.


Hook: Orvis 62kc, TMC 2457
Bead: Gold Brass (#12-1/8)(#14-7/64)(#16-3/32)(#18-5/64)
Thread: 6/0 Dark Olive
Over body: Olive Antron/Z-Lon
Abdomen: Pearl Green Ice Dubbing
Legs: Olive Dyed India Hen Saddle

Head: Peacock Herl

Tying Video:

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