Jan’s Egg Sac Scud (video soon)

nymph_skid mark scud_olive

Egg Sac Scud, Jan’s

Color: Olive
Sizes: #12-16
Imitates: Freshwater Shrimp/Scud carrying eggs
Useful for: All of the states stillwaters and in slow moving rivers. Originally tied for Kirman Reservoir in California. Very effective in Marlette, Spooner, Catnip and Knott Creek Reservoirs. Its been known to take a carp occasionally as well.
Tricks/Techniques: Scud aren’t real fast movers so this fly is best under an indicator or s-l-o-w-l-y stripped.


Hook: Orvis 1510, TMC 2312
Thread: Pale Olive 3/0
Tail/Antenna: Olive CDC
Shellback: Clear Thin Skin
Body: Pale Olive Scud Dubbing
Egg Sac: Orange Scud Dubbing
Rib: Light Monofilament
Eye: Black Permanent Marker

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