Heavy Metal Midge

nymph_heavy metal midge_red

Heavy Metal Midge

Color: Red
Sizes: #8-18
Imitates: Midge
Useful for: All of the states stillwaters and in slow moving rivers. Tricks/Techniques: The extra weight in this fly helps it get down faster when needed or fishes better under an indicator on rough days. Originally tied for midge fishing at Pyramid Lake it also works well in faster rivers.


Hook: Orvis 1524, TMC 5262
Bead: Gold tungsten
Thread: Olive 6/0
Tail: White poly yarn
Abdomen: Red wire (#8-14 medium wire) (#16-18 brassie wire)
Rib: Silver wire (#8-14 medium wire) (#16-18 brassie wire)
Gills: Whit poly yarn
Head: Peacock herl

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