Lytbrite Caddis, Jan’s

dry_lytbrite caddis orange

Lytbrite Caddis, Jan’s

Color: Orange
Sizes: #12-14
Imitates: Larger Caddis
Useful for: Larger caddis found the streams in the Sierras and Western Nevada.
Tricks/Techniques:This separates your caddis from the hundreds hatching. It’s neon marabou body is brighter then the naturals everywhere. I’d eat it. The Lytbrite caddis in yellow and red are particularly deadly on the Truckee in California. A hefty clump of CDC under the Elk wing will keep this fly on the surface to matter what. I often use this fly on the really little streams in Nevada and California.


Hook: Orvis 1523, TMC 100
Thread: 6/0 Hot orange
Abdomen: Hot Orange marabou
Hackle: Hot orange grizzly saddle hackle
Wing: Natural elk

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