Blood Midge Emerger (w/ video)


Blood Midge Emerger

Color: J-Fair Rust
Sizes: #12-16
Imitates: The famous Sierra Nevada Blood Midge Emerger
Useful for: Majority of the lakes in the Sierras and Western NevadaTricks/Techniques: A very close version of this was given to me to commercially tie for the fly shop in town ten years ago or so. Since then its been at the top of my priority list for stillwaters in the area. The blood midge is present in many of the Sierras still waters due to its ability to live at very low oxygen and light levels. When fishing the emergent blood midge I typically try to lead an actively feeding trout. The size 12 is buoyant enough to hold up an unweighted nymph to be fished as a dry dropper combo.


Hook: Orvis 1510, TMC 200R
Thread: 6/0 Rusty brown
Tail: J-Fair rust marabou
Abdomen: Red Krystal Flash and rust J-Fair marabou twisted together
Hackle: Brown Saddle Hackle
Wing: 2mm White Foam strip

Tying Video:

Fly Fridays: Blood Midge Emerger from Mimic Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

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