Urban Ponds


Western Nevada Urban Ponds

Fly Fishing the Reno and Carson City/Western Nevada Urban Ponds:  In addition to the Truckee River running right through town, Reno has several urban fishing ponds to offer. Most of these fisheries are heavily planted with rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout from spring to fall. Perfect ponds for those who are just getting into the sport or those who just want to toss dries. All the ponds are very shallow and pretty easy to fish with the exception of the Sparks Marina. Most early mornings provide anglers with surface activity while nymphs and small streamers will catch fish all day. Up to date stocking reports are available on NDOW’s website. During the peak fishing season (May-August) these fisheries can be slow if plantings are few and far between.


Marilyn’s photo coming soon

Marilyn’s Pond

Fly Fishing Marilyn’s Pond: Located inside Galena Creek Park directly off Mt. Rose Highway in South Reno. The pond itself is pretty small but sits among the pines well guarded from afternoon winds. Besides its small size, Marilyn’s lacks back casting space. Its petite size and cool water makes this little pond a favorite. The pond is located west of Reno directly off Mt. Rose Highway in Galena Creek Park.


Verdi Ponds

Fly Fishing Verdi Ponds: The newest addition to the urban ponds are the Verdi Ponds. Located in Crystal Peak Park just west of Reno in Verdi, Nevada. These ponds are great for those needing casting space for practice. Space can almost always be found, even on the busiest summer weekends. The Verdi Ponds are the newest of the Urban type fisheries and currently has inconsistent plantings of Lahontan cutthroat and rainbow trout. It seems to be best in the spring through early summer. Weed growth can become a problem during the hottest months. The Verdi ponds are located a few miles west of Reno off interstate 80 in Verdi, Nevada.

Wilson’s photo coming soon

Wilson’s Common

Fly Fishing Wilson’s Common: Located in beautiful Washoe Valley just south of Reno where the wind is rarely calm. The pond at Wilson’s is great in the spring but becomes to warm by mid June for trout plantings. During the heat of the summer a few sunfish and bass can be found in this very small pond. To get there, take old 395 a couple miles past Bower’s Mansion. The pond is located behind the tennis courts.

Davis photo coming soon

Davis Creek Pond

Fly Fishing Davis Creek Pond:

Sparks Marina photo coming soon

Sparks Marina

Fly Fishing Sparks Marina: Also known as the bottomless pit, its likely to produce the states largest brown trout someday. This is definitely the largest and most challenging of all the urban fisheries. Located near downtown Sparks the Marina is home to a variety of trout, bass, and very large carp. Thousands upon thousands of trout are put into the Marina every year while only a few hundred are harvested. My money is on very large brown trout and bass munching the planters at their leisure. Big streamers out of float tubes or boats down deep will take the occasional large brown trout or bass.

Baily photo coming soon

Baily Pond

Fly Fishing Fuji Park – Baily Pond:

Mitch photo coming soon

Mitch Pond

Fly Fishing Mitch Pond:

Dry Flies for the Urban Ponds: Parachute Adams, Parachute Ant, Parachute Hopper, Griffiths Gnat,

Nymphs for the Urban Ponds: Brassie, Pheasant Tail, Copper John, Birds Nest, Micro Midge, Bead Head Micro Caddis, Zebra MIdge, Stillwater Nymph, Stillwater Callibaetis,

Streamers for the Urban Ponds: Woolly Bugger, Eagle Lake Leech,

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