Squaw Creek Reservoir


Squaw Creek Reservoir, Nevada

Fly Fishing Squaw Creek Reservoir: The location of Squaw Creek Reservoir really keeps it from getting fished often. Squaw is open year round but freezes during the coldest few months of the year. Over a hundred miles northeast of Reno, Squaw is home to both cold and warm water game fish. Rainbow trout are planted in Squaw a couple times every year and a good self sustaining population of bass can be found during the warmer months. The dam end of the reservoir holds the trout typically while the inlet is prime bass habitat. Warm springs enter the lake at the same end as the inlet, opposite the dam. The water can be turbid in the spring but fish are still very willing to eat.

Five or six weight rods are adequate with floating lines, and its good to carry a full sinker for the warmest months. The trout eat almost anything with a peacock herl body including the zug bug, prince, and sheep creek stripped or under an indicator. Try dropping a black zebra midge or blood midge behind the nymphs. Streamers in the black and wine shades work very well for trout out of boats near the dam. Poppers are occasionally effective for the bass when the light is off the water near the shoreline vegetation. Clouser’s in chartreuse and the carp tickler in chartreuse and rust are pretty effective for the bass subsurface. Float tubes are nice to have, but not entirely necessary. Deep water for trout can be accessed by shore fisherman near the dam.

Fly Fishing Gear for Squaw Creek Reservoir: 4-6 weight, 8′-10′ rods will almost always do the trick, Its rare to need something heavier. I often fish the heavier side to cover the many bass available in Squaw Creek. Along with the standard floating line a type three full sink and/or sink tip can come in handy. Read lots more on Squaw Creek Reservoir in The Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author.

Dries for Squaw Creek Reservoir: Callibaetis Cripple, Parachute Adams, Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Midge, Parachute Ant, Blood Midge Emerger,

Nymphs for Squaw Creek Reservoir: Bead Head Zug Bug, Bead Head Stillwater Nymph, Jan’s Stillwater Nymph, Peacock Snail, Bead Head Pheasant Tail,  Sheep Creek Special, Bead Head Sheep Creek Special, Bead Head Crystal Sheep Creek Special, Zebra Midge, Mahalo Midge, Jan’s Draggin, Bead Head Brassie

Streamers for Squaw Creek Reservoir: Wiggle Tail, Eagle Lake Leech, Eagle Lake Crystal Leech, Woolly Bugger, Crystal Bugger, Balanced Leech,

Bass Flies for Squaw Creek Reservoir: Clouser Minnow, Jan’s Hook Up, Frog Popper, Deer Hair Mouse, Carp Tickler,

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