Marlette Lake


Marlette Lake, Nevada

Fly Fishing Marlette Lake: Perched above Lake Tahoe’s eastern shore, Marlette is Nevada’s only catch and release public fishery. Access is limited to a ten mile round trip hike or bike so solitude is always found. The lake is currently used as a brood stock lake for several of the states fish hatcheries. Large brook trout and cutthroat are stripped of their row and sperm near the inlet in the spring and fall. The fishing season is very short at Marlette open only from mid July to the end of September.

Five or six weight rods are best paired with floating and faster full sink lines. Deep water can be found near the dam for shore fisherman. A float tube at Marlette makes fishing much easier and more productive in general. Trolling burnt orange leech patterns and crayfish around the rocky shoreline is almost guaranteed. Hatches include callibaetis, damsels, and most importantly midges in this very deep alpine lake. Dries can be fished early and late in the day when the wind is down.

Gear for Fly Fishing Marlette Lake: 4-6 Weight rods 8’6″-10′ in length. Sturdy reels with a floating lines are critical while full sinking lines are only sometimes necessary. Leaders – Dry 5X 9′-12′ – Nymph 3X-5X 7′-10′ – Streamer 2X-3X 5′-7′. Read lots more on Marlette Lake in the Fly Fisher Guide to; Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author

Dries for Marlette Lake: Calibaetis Cripple, Mosquito, Parachute Adams, Blood Midge Emerger, Parachute Ant, Parachute Hopper, Griffiths Gnat,

Nymphs for Marlette Lake: Bead Head Zug Bug, Peacock Snail, Crystal Snail, Blood Midge Brassie, Stillwater Flash Nymph, Jan’s Bead Head Stillwater Nymph, Jan’s Trout Crayfish, Zebra Midge, Mahalo Midge,

Streamers for Marlette Lake: Crystal Bugger, Wiggle Tail, Eagle Lake Crystal Leech, Cone Head Woolly Bugger,


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