Hobart Reservoir


Hobart Reservoir, Nevada

Fly Fishing Hobart Reservoir: At less then ten miles from the state capital, most would find it hard to believe that this reservoir fishes as well as it does. Perched at an elevation of 7650 feet, the summers extreme heat can be escaped at Hobart where snow patches can be seen into June. Hobart is in fact one of the states best dry fly fisheries but it takes a little work to get there. Thirty to forty five minutes on an ever changing 4WD trail keeps all but the die hard anglers out.

I prefer two to five weight rods at Hobart with floating lines. Dries almost always work along the shoreline. Skating dries or slamming ants along the flooded shoreline is almost always guaranteed. A half mile walk to Hobart limits boat use to float tubes. A nice elevated dam makes shore fishing possible any time of the season. The fishing season is short at Hobart, be sure to check the latest regulations for season info.

Fly Fishing Gear for Hobart Reservoir: 2-5 weight 8-’10’ in length rod paired with any reel and a floating line to catch fish. Throw a tube and type two sinking line in there and it will double your catch rates. Read more on Hobart Reservoir in The Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada or book a Guide Trip at Hobart with the author

Dries for Hobart Reservoir: White Wulff, Royal Wulff, Humpy, Stimulator, Parachute Ant, Parachute Hopper, Trude

Nymphs for Hobart Reservoir: Bead Head Zug Bug, Stillwater Nymph, Peacock Snail, Wood Duck Callibaetis, Pheasant Tail, Zebra Midge,

Streamers for Hobart Reservoir: Woolly Bugger, Cone Head Woolly Bugger, Crystal Bugger, Stillwater Bugger, Bead Head Stillwater Bugger, Eagle Lake Leech, Eagle Lake Crystal Leech,



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