Rye Patch Reservoir


Rye Patch Reservoir

Fly Fishing Rye Patch Reservoir: Rye Patch is a great pit stop for fly fishers. Easy to hit when traveling on interstate 80 just west of Winnemucca. Strictly a warm water fishery, Walleye fishing can be good as early as late March. Carp and Bass can be found in fair numbers starting in April and continues to be good through the fall. Lack of water can be an issue at Rye Patch. Drought is a huge player in how well Rye Patch is fishing. Several good water years in a row can really fire up this oasis in the desert. Target the bays for carp and bass or find rocky points for the walleye. The year round turbid water make sight fishing tough.

Gear for Rye Patch Reservoir: 6-8 Weight rods are plenty for Rye Patch. Full sinking or sink tip lines are best. Leaders aren’t terribly important other than keeping them on the short side. A straight section of 0X-2X should cover most conditions. Keep in mind that the walleye have large sharp teeth so heavier tippet may be needed. Read more on Fly Fishing Rye Patch Reservoir in the Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author

Carp Flies for Rye Patch Reservoir: Carp Tickler, Stillwater Nymph, Woolly Bugger, Crystal Bugger

Bass and Walleye Flies for Rye Patch Reservoir: Clouser Minnow, Pyramid Lake Woolly Worm,


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