Onion Valley Reservoir


Onion Valley Reservoir, Nevada

Fly Fishing Onion Valley Reservoir: Onion earns the most abused reservoir in Nevada award due to problems with keeping water in it. The reservoir has been emptied several times over the last decade. Onion is also a great example of how resilient the states stillwaters can be. Its fertile insect life blooms every year excelling the growth of the trout inhabitance. Onion has no special regulations like its neighbor Knott Creek Reservoir so the trout tend to be slightly smaller but more abundant. The first time I fished Onion I had more then three doubles while stripping two big nymphs. Much easier to get into than its close neighbor Knott Creek Reservoir

Gear for Onion Valley Reservoir: Four to six weight rods are perfect and the lazy fisherman can always find fish trolling a leech behind a float tube on a type 2 full sinking line. Personal boats aren’t entirely necessary at Onion but can be handy when summer’s vegetation sets in. Read more on Onion Valley Reservoir in The Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author.

Dries for Onion Valley Reservoir: Parachute Hopper, Parachute Ant, Humpy, Blood Midge Emerger, Spent Blood Midge, Callibaetis Cripple, Adams,

Nymphs for Onion Valley Reservoir: Bead Head Sheep Creek Special, Crystal Snail, Peacock Snail, Blood Midge Brassie, Bead Head Zug Bug, Jan’s Bead Head Stillwater Nymph, Stillwater Flash Nymph,

Streamers for Onion Valley Reservoir: Wiggle Tail, Crystal Bugger, Cone Head Woolly Bugger, Eagle Lake Leech, Jan’s Blood Vein Leech


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