Martin Creek


Martin Creek, Nevada

Fly Fishing Martin Creek: Martin creek is known for brown trout, rattle snakes and long hikes. For those reasons most people will every make it to Martin Creek. Close to nowhere but Paradise, Martin’s lower stretches meander through a private ranch. The canyon section from Paradise up stream towards Hinkey Summit is loaded with rattle snakes and brown trout. The snakes are huge while the trout average 8-14″. When flows allow in spring I like tossing small streamers in the deeper pools and cut banks. Summer Hopper fishing is a blast and requires a stealthy approach in most cases. Dropping a nymph off the hopper should double your catch rates when flows are down. Above the canyon section the river takes on a very different appearance. Vegetation chokes the shoreline making access difficult unless your walking up the middle of the river.

Gear for Martin Creek: Three to five weight rods with floating lines will handle anything in Martin Creek. A shorter rod then nine foot is beneficial if your planning on hitting the upper stretches. Leaders 6-8′ and 4X-5X will cover almost all conditions at Martin. Read more on Martin Creek in The Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author.

Dries for Martin Creek: Stimulator, Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Humpy, Parachute Hopper,

Nymphs for Martin Creek: Prince Nymph, Flashback Heavy Hares Ear, Zebra Midge, Pearl Caddis Pupa, Jan’s Trout Crayfish, Pheasant Tail,

Streamers for Martin Creek: Woolly Bugger, Jan’s Sculpin, Cone Head Marabou Muddler,


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