Northern Nevada

 Knott Creek Reservoir

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This is one of those places that is just far enough out of the way to stay really, really good. The closest gas available is on the Oregon/Nevada border in Denio junction. Depending on which way you access the lake, its possible to spend up to an hour on 4wd dirt roads to get in. No amenities are available at the lake but those adventurous enough to make the trek are almost always rewarded with excellent fishing. The fishing season is open from the second Saturday in June through November 15th and can be good the entire time. Only the summers extreme heat slows fishing in Knott Creek and can even occasionally kill large numbers of the resident trout. Knott Creek’s special regulations also help keep the fishing amazing.

Very large Rainbow and Tiger Trout make a five to seven weight rod the best match for Knott. At least a hundred yards of backing is also a good idea, especially if your headed out in the spring and fall when temperatures are prime. During the occasional extreme summer fly fisherman can almost always still find fish down deep. When temperatures are prime the trout in Knott are willing to eat just about any form of leech, midge, callibaetis, damsel, scud, frog poppper in low light, or even Chernobyl ants along the weed line. Boats are a necessity from July through September due to an increase in shoreline vegetation. Knott should be on your bucket list.

Onion Valley Reservoir

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Onion earns the most abused reservoir in Nevada award due to problems with keeping water in it. The reservoir has been emptied several times over the last decade. Onion is also a great example of how resilient the states stillwaters can be. Its fertile insect life blooms every year excelling the growth of the trout inhabitance. Onion has no special regulations like its neighbor Knott Creek Reservoir so the trout tend to be slightly smaller but more abundant. The first time I fished Onion I had more then three doubles while stripping two big nymphs. Four to six weight rods are perfect and the lazy fisherman can always find fish trolling a leech behind a float tube on a sinking line.


 Martin Creek

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North Fork Little Humboldt River

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Rye Patch Reservoir

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