Wild Horse Reservoir


Wild Horse Reservoir, Nevada

Fly Fishing Wild Horse Reservoir: A hundred miles north of Elko, Nevada sits a popular perch ice fishing destination for eastern Nevada locals. Wild Horse is typically productive for fly fishers from ice-out to ice-up. Like most of Nevada’s reservoirs turbid water and suspended algae can slow fishing at times but really never shuts it down. Shore fishing is good in spring and fall in the shallow bays while deep water can be more productive during the summer months for trout. Bass fishing can be excellent at Wild Horse from May through September and peaks in June. Some very large warm water species have shown up in the last ten years at Wild Horse. The draw for me has always been the quality and quantity of the resident rainbow trout in Wild Horse. When the fishery is healthy the trout average fifteen inches and often exceed twenty inches. In addition to being long, they’re thick as well with pretty impressive growth rates.

Fly Fishing Gear for Wild Horse Reservoir: Heavier then average rods are nice at Wild Horse due to its overall size, and the size of the fish. 5-6 weight will cover trout and 6-8 weight is best for the bass. Although their not necessary, sinking lines can make the difference from a good day to a great day. Intermediate lines can be useful in the shallow bays but a type three or better is best in the open water. Pontoon boats and float tubes are nice to have but not critical. Heavier leaders are good to have at Wild Horse 4X-5X for dries, 3X-4X for nymphs, and 2X-3X for streamers. Read lots more about fly fishing Wild Horse Reservoir in the Fly Fisher’s Guide to Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author.

Dries for Wild Horse Reservoir: Callibaetis Cripple, Parachute Adams, Griffiths Gnat,

Nymphs for Wild Horse Reservoir: Bead Head Zug Bug, Peacock Snail, Bead Head Sheep Creek Special, Bead Head Stillwater Nymph,

Streamer for Wild Horse Reservoir: Blood Vein Leech, Bead Head Stillwater Bugger, Wiggle Tail, Hookup, Crystal Bugger, Cone Head Woolly Bugger,

Bass flies for Wild Horse Reservoir: Hookup, Clouser Minnow, Cone Head Woolly Bugger,

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