South Fork Reservoir


South Fork Reservoir, Nevada

Fly Fishing South Fork Reservoir: The states youngest reservoir, South Fork is a perfect example of how fertile our reservoirs are. The flooded plains have explosive aquatic growth during the summer months. This growth leads to enormous amounts of insects and forage fish for the resident trout and bass. South Fork has become well known for its very fast growing resident trout that get very big. Fed by the South Fork of the Humboldt River originating high in the Ruby Mountains just south of Elko. Fishing is best right after ice out during the spring for trout and remains good through fall. Bass fishing at South Fork is great beginning as early as late May.

The park that surrounds the reservoir offers camping. Spring Creek, Nevada is just a fifteen minutes from the lake if you prefer a roof. Dry fly fishing can be found most mornings and evenings. from late spring to early fall. Good populations of callibaetis mayflies, midge, snail, leech and crayfish are all on the menu for the warm and coldwater species. Float tubes or pontoon boats are handy but not absolutely necessary. Most trout are targeted near the inlet while the bass seem to be easier to find throughout the entire lake. Some very large bass have been showing up recently while the trout have always been big and strong.

Gear for Fly Fishing South Fork Reservoir: Sturdy 5-6 weight rods are good to have for the trout while a 7-8 is going to be a better match for the bass. Floating lines are mandatory and full sinking or sink tips are a great addition. Indicator fishing near deep water or trolling a brown woolly bugger behind a tube is rarely unsuccessful. 9′-12′ 3X-4X Leaders will cover trout and 4′-7′ 0X-1X will handle the bass. Read more on South Fork Reservoir in the Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada or book a Guide Trip with the author.

Dries for South Fork Reservoir: Parachute Adams, Callibaetis Cripple, Blood Midge Emerger, Floating Snail, Damsel Adult, Parachute Adams, Parachute Cahill

Nymphs for South Fork Reservoir: Bead Head Stillwater Nymph, Stillwater Flash Nymph, Trout Crayfish, Jan’s Stillwater Nymph, Peacock Snail, Blood MIdge Brassie, Zebra Midge, Damsel Nymphs, Crystal Snail, Wood Duck Callibaetis, Pheasant Tail, Bead Head Flashback Pheasant Tail, Zug Bug

Streamers for South Fork Reservoir: Stillwater Bugger, Bead Head Stillwater Bugger, Woolly Bugger, Crystal Bugger,


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