Angel Lake


Angel Lake, Nevada

Fly Fishing Angel Lake: Just a stone throws south of Wells, Nevada lies an amazingly beautiful lake that can be accessed easily by paved road. The Lake itself sits at 8,000 feet and is frozen nearly half the year, the other half is almost guaranteed to be good. A small like in size its perfect for float tubing but can be easily accessed from shore. Small vibrant rainbow trout can be caught almost always on dries unless the wind is up. Nymphs and small streamer will always get the job done.

Fly Fishing Gear for Angel Lake: 2-5 Weight rods paired with floating lines will catch fish. Sinking lines, waders, and float tubes are nice to have but not necessary. Leaders 7-9′ 5X-6X can be used with any of the petite flies at Angel. Read more on Angel Lake and Northern Nevada in the book; The Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada.

Dries for Angel Lake: White Wulff, Humpy, Parachute Ant, Sierra Bright Dot, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Hopper

Nymphs for Angel Lake: Zug Bug, Zebra Midge, Jan’s Stillwater Nymph, Peacock Snail, Prince Nymph, Sheep Creek Special, Bead Head Sheep Creek Special

Streamers for Angel Lake: Woolly Bugger, Eagle Lake Leech, Eagle Lake Crystal Leech,


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