Truckee River Report – August 2nd 2014



It’s safe to say fishing is over for a little while down here in Nevada. The river is very low (55-110CFS) and is only getting down to the upper sixties overnight in most areas. We have a lot of mixed information coming at us about flows but….. I do know that a trout rescue/salvage will be taking place this next week in the ditches. Please contact NDOW regarding helping out A.S.A.P. at (775) 688-1893.  Kim Toulouse can answer questions about helping out.

Fishing now will result in high stress levels for trout. and ultimately death. The recent water drop has many fish barely hanging on in the few deep holes left out there. Those trout need to survive the heat with hopes they will reproduce and fill the river next season. It can sound dramatic but If we destroy whats left, our future will be entirely farm raised.

Join us here, The Truckee River Keepers in the Hoot Owl Volunteer Closure on the Truckee. 


The California side is an option, as the flows are double what we have down here at the moment. Head up early and remember that temps are still climbing quickly so plan on being off the water by 10am.

Other options for now should include Stampede Bass, Prosser Lake Bass, Hobart Rerservoir Trout, Ruby Mountain High Lake Trout, Angel Lake, Washoe Lake Carp, Sparks Marina Carp, Lahontan Reservoir Trout, or take a drive north and go see the good people up at the Clearwater Lodge on the Pit River.

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