Pyramid Lake Flies – The Next Generation

The 2016-17 season is likely going to be another one for the record books. We’re approaching the decade mark of the Pilot Peak reintroduction and in my opinion, we really should see the size top out soon. Although, I don’t believe the thirty pound fish will ever be an entirely common sight,  I do believe that the upper teens and twenties will be. Even with all this said, last season I caught myself fishing smaller flies and lighter tippet than ever before. As trends are likely to continue, we should see angler pressure and average size continue to increase.

First generation fly fishers at Pyramid simply pulled lead core and woolly worms along the bottom. The second generation would introduce the more realistic Tui Chub pattern, along with the beetle/foam style flies shortly after. Next would come the strike indicator, midge patterns, and very foreign floating lines. With the use of floating lines the balanced leech become a truly go-to pattern. This would trigger the introduction of our first over-sized midge patterns for rough days, followed shortly by the very best big fish fly of last season, the Balanced Baitfish.

Now onto the next generation. We’ll be offering several new midge patterns tied on a 3X heavy hook, the only one that’ll hold a thirty pound trout. The same extra heavy hook is used on the new Pilot Nymph (bottom) for those serious about landing a 30 pound trout on a size #12. A new Clouser style minnow (below) with multiple reflective and glow-in-the-dark qualities is sure to be more visible than anything else in your box, all while getting down super quick.  After several inquiries the floating chub has also arrived, ready to be fished around bait balls on the surface, or on a sinking line for a jigging/beetle like effect that surely won’t be ignored. Although not new to the industry, most of the new flies have also taken on more UV qualities that are proven to get more grabs. Look for these and more to drop here starting September 1st!

Deep Six Chub




Pilot Nymph




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