Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – Season Opener 2016-2017


Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – Season Opener

I get a little excited for fall after seeing much of Nevada under freeze warning this morning. We’ll likely bounce back and forth between fall and summer over the next few weeks but I welcome the change. Temperatures are pretty close to average this year which would leave me to believe that this season should start similar to the last. The first week brought a good mix of fish caught on the north end of the lake in 10-15′ of water, both stripping and balanced flies on or near the bottom was the trick. Those brave enough to fish from boats in 20-25′ of water were rewarded 5 to 1 for shore anglers. If I remember right the first week started pretty strong, followed by some good hit or miss fishing through the end of November. If your planning on sticking to shore, I’d recommend trying your favorite spot up north first. Warrior and Monument are likely to be busy but remember there’s plenty of water between access points to beat any crowds. If the north end fishes slow, try Indian Head, Wino, or Washout with larger streamers. Or if all else fails, spend more time looking for fish…. your bound to find a school of perch or chub getting busted up within casting distance of the shore.

In addition to the change in the weather, I (Jan) am also very excited to be guiding Pyramid again this season. Whether your brand new fly fishing, just new to Pyramid, or wanting to expand your technique arsenal, email or call (775)770-8227 to book a trip.

As far as flies go, I’ve got my money on the new Deep Six streamer for the opener. If the fish are down, the deep six will certainly get you there. The Hook Up in grizzly also shouldn’t be forgotten since it produced very well the last season openers. Depending on how clean the bottom is where your fishing, it may be better to try and suspend flies under the indicator. The Bloody Balanced Leech in Canadian Brown and White, as well as the standard Balance Leech in Burnt Orange have all been very good producers early in the season for me. If we start off the same way we left off last June, the midge under an indicator may be a better way to go. As far as midge selection goes, the UV Tease in black should only be out fished by the new XXX in black.


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