Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – March 29th 2016


Midge Time!

Yes, that’s our fish. Nick was fishing with our guide John Fochetti when the beastly twenty four pound trout was caught and released.

We’ve seen a shift over the last few weeks to almost all midge with the spawn ready to go. The return of bad weather has helped to slow it slightly, which should keep productive fishing around into May. Cruising fish are in the shallows and will only increase in numbers as spring arrives with higher water temps. Many are reporting double digits every three out of four days out on the water. This is my absolute favorite time of the year. When aggressive fish in the shallows can be stalked all by sight fishing. To try it…… About sunrise, find a beach with no one on it, stand way back off the ledge careful to not be seen, cast only a leader over the fish with a small midge on, twitch and watch them eat it on occasion. Find a friend and have them sight for you to double the fun.

As we warm up the fishing is going to shift away from afternoons to more of a morning and night game with the midge under an indicator. When wind and waves are present, fish the larger midge patterns and balanced flies for the really big fish. The Balanced Baitfish in Tui Chub continues to find big fish while the Balanced Leech in Peacock or Canadian Olive #6 seem to work better for numbers. When it’s calm and sunny, don’t be afraid to try lighter tippet than normal and smaller flies for more grabs. Keep in mind the small flies need to be on extra strong hooks if you want to land the thirty. Look for a few new midge dropping in the shop over the next few weeks that won’t go straight on you. Effective midge at the moment include the Mahalo Midge in Black or Albino Wino #12, Spark Plug in Blue or Wine #8, and Holographic Midge in Blue or Bomber #10

The Pyramid Lake Fishing Report from Mimic Fly Fishing.

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