Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – January 4th 2016

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Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – January 4th 2016

The lake has definitely been stirred up during the last few storms, in turn bringing in some much bigger fish. A “good” size fish continues to be in the ten pound class while the “great” fish have been pushing twenty pounds. The balanced leech has seemed to replace to boobie for the got to have fly of the season this year. While both are effective, the balanced leech can be kept in the zone longer when fish are lethargic. I cant help but feel that It all boils down to spending less time casting, and more time fishing. When its really cold, lazy fishing does sometimes have its benefits.

The hot bite itself seems to be shifting slightly out of the extreme north and south east corners as we settle into winter. The best beaches continue to be the usual Monument, Warrior, Cattle Guard, North Popcorn, and the South and North Nets. Now may also be a really good time to do a little exploring of the southern bays if those typical spots aren’t producing. The Truckee River at the moment is pushing a little water into the lake so that may make fishing the extreme south a little more interesting.

Flies to not be without include the standard Woolly Worms in Black, White, Blue or Martini Olive #6, Beetles in Popcorn or White #6, Tadpole in Purple or Blue #6, Bloody Balanced Leech in White or Canadian Brown #6, Pyramid Lake Balanced Leech in White or Black #4, and the Spark Plug in Red or Copper #8. While the Hook Up in Grizzly #4 continues to produce, there’s some new streamers due in the shop next week.

New flies in the shop next week! The balanced baitfish is finally here with a few new custom color balanced leeches. Look for a few other gnarly big streamers like the 4K, all taking some great fish over the last year. A couple new midge patterns including the Pilot Midge, a monster #8 version of the Mahalo Nymph, and Crystal Butt Bomber.

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