Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – January 3rd, 2015


Pyramid Lake Fly Fishing Report – January 3rd, 2015

In the last fifteen years I can only remember a handful of super productive days during the deep freeze of January and February. On an outstanding day, anglers can expect maybe as many as six fish. Of those six, Its likely that one is going to be a really good one.

Stripping at the moment seems to be the best bet. Nymphs are still catching but the sinking line and traditional techniques are typically more productive this time of year. The tadpole is my money fly this time of year. There’s a movement achieved with a sparse tied tadpole that can’t be matched. Long exaggerated pauses with medium-slow retrieves are how most my fish come this time of year. Be aware of short strikes and nipping this time of year if the tail is tied too bulky. The balanced leech is also proving it’s worth this season, Iv’e heard of three fish around twenty pounds landed on them.

The only consistency that I’ve found lately is the fact that not one location really seems to be out-fishing another. I’ve managed to pick up a fish or two at Monument, Warrior, Shot Dog, Pelican Rocks, North Nets, Cattle Guard, and Popcorn on the last couple trips out. The evenings seem to be best at the moment, although this should shift to more of an afternoon bite as we get closer to March. As we start to warm again in spring the bite should then shift to the early mornings when more fish can bee seen in the shallows.

Fish still being caught on the Hookup in grizzly or white #6, Woolly Worms in white or UV black light #6, Tadpoles in dark brown, blue, or popcorn #6, Balanced leeche in black, white, or olive #6, Beetles in black or white #6, Mahalo nymph in red or albino wino #12.


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