Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – January 15th 2018

Pyramid Lake Fishing Report -


Finally, something worth talking about. it looks like the long term forecast is calling for multiple storms over the next two weeks. Fishing should turn around quick and become a little more consistent than it has been. These next three storms should give us the mixing we need to freshen up the lake a little as well. For those who have yet to make it out this season, the water level has risen significantly over the last twelve months changing much of the shoreline to what it was nearly a decade ago. It’s time to revisit those spots you loved ten years ago. If your looking for a guide to share their favorite spots from ten years ago, be sure to check out the latest recommended guide Glenn Lemon. He’s been on the lake for 30 years and knows where to find them. glen

Fishing has been consistently fair across both ends of the lake. Some of the more popular beaches have been Indian Head, Pelican, and Popcorn. Personally, I find that Shot Dog, Cattle Guard, and Spider Point offer much deeper water when the weather is calm and fish are deep. Creativity can also pay off when fishing is tough, I’m a firm believer in trying something new, especially when nothing is working. A few tricks that have greatly increased my catch rates over the last season include; 1) Extending my leader length with both my indicator and sinking line rods by 50%. 2) One size lighter fluorocarbon tippets. 3) Give your fly another 20 seconds to sink – just to be sure it’s all the way down. 4) Go with a fly one size smaller or larger than what your comfortable with, it occasionally makes all the difference in the world.

Along with fishing, the flies have also been a little inconsistent compared to past years. Some of the better streamers currently include: #4 Martini Olive Woolly Worm, Hook Up Baitfish in Olive or Grizzly #4, Tadpole in Popcorn or Blue, #8 Beetle in Black or Popcorn,  and the Bottle Rocket in UV Black or Popcorn. The best bobber flies include; #4 Balanced Baitfish in Tui Chub or Perch, #6 Balanced Leech in Black Peacock or Peacock, Bloody Balanced Leech in Canadian Olive or Canadian Brown, #6 Spark Plug in Red or Blue, Pilot Nymph in Wine and Amber, and the #12 UV Tease in Wine or Amber.



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