Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – February 9th 2016

better bugs

Fishing is excellent. There’s never been a better time to find a ten plus pound trout at the big lake. Consistent winter storms have kept fishing equally consistent. The fishery is at an all time high and shouldn’t be overlooked this spring. Beaches that have produced twenty pound fish over the last three weeks include; Monument, Pelican, Nets, Indian Head, Cattle Guard and Popcorn. Fishing really has been amazing but will likely slow a bit as weather improves. Look for timing to shift from all day to an early and late game with clear skies and no wind. Big flies have produced big fish up till now and should continue until we see spring really kick in. Until then, offer big flies for big fish.

The sinking line game has been good with Woolly Worms in Grizzly White, Martini Olive, and Northern Lights #6. Trailing a Beetle in Popcorn #8,  Beetle in Tan Dragon #6, or Tadpole in Popcorn #6 has been deadly.

The bobber game has been ruled by the Balanced Leech in Peacock #6. Followed closely by the Spark Plug in Blue #8, Balanced Baitfish in Tui Chub and White #4, Bloody Balanced Leech in Black, Canadian Brown and Canadian Olive #6. As we warm up try the Mahalo Nymph in Red or Wine #12, and the Mahalo Midge in Black or Blue #12.

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