Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – February 24th 2016


Pyramid Lake Fishing Report

Fishing is off-the-hook. Just when you think it can’t get any better, somehow it does. We have a world class fishery that’s on fire, you gotta get out. Fishing remains incredible even with the nice weather. Short sleeves and giant toothy cutt’s, hooray! The best fishing has moved to early and late in the day. But oddly enough, the largest fish are showing up mid day, so there’s really no bad time to get out. I would expect to start seeing more fresh fish in close starting to think spawn with temperatures expected to reach 70 degrees this week. Best case scenario our two subspecies in the lake will offer shallow aggressive cruisers from now through mid April. Even with all that said, let’s hope winter comes back soon with a vengeance so fishing stays good into June.

With very few exceptions the entire western shoreline has been equally productive. The few exceptions have been South Nets and Pelican reporting a few insane days ahead of the spawn. I would think that at some point here soon we really should see a shift to the southwestern end of the lake. increased dirty runoff from the Truckee may limit how far south you can go soon with really high temps expected.

I’m always happy to report when our flies are really producing. Smaller seems to be the direction we’re shifting with the exception of the balanced baitfish. It remains at the top of the big fish list this year. In the last three weeks the balanced baitfish in the Tui Chub color has produced a 24lb, 18lb, 16lb, and countless fish from 14lbs to 10lbs. Join the movement! Look for the size 6 version also coming just in time for spring. The Balanced Leech in Peacock and Canadian Olive definitely haven’t been any less productive. Beetles have been great in popcorn #8 and Tan Dragon #6 behind Woolly Worms in Martini Olive #6 and Northern Lights #6. If your looking for pure numbers, try the Spark Plug in Blue, Wine, or new Brassie version #8 above a Mahalo Nymph in Wine or Red in #12. If lack of wind causes an eerie stillness, don’t be afraid to go small and light. Try a Mahalo Midge in Bomber, Albino Wino, or Black on lighter tippet if your just not getting results.

Book a guide trip now with Mimic’s primary guide John Fochetti. The twenty two pound fish above was from his last outing. Email or call 775-770-8227 now.

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