Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – February 20th 2017


Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – February 20th 2017

Welcome back! The re-opener was EPIC both Saturday and Sunday. Everyone I spoke with reported double digit quality and quantity. This would certainly prove that fishing pressure does have some effect on fishing, even on a lake the size of Pyramid. I would expect fishing to remain really hot over the next couple of weeks as incoming storms are expected in the extended forecast. Spawning colors are really evident in many of the fish caught over the weekend. North Nets to Shot Dog are currently the only open areas to fishing so expect some crowds regardless what day of the week you can get out. I’d bet half the fish heads in Northern Nevada will be calling sick at least one day this week.

Since access is so limited, I hesitate to call out specific beaches due to the crowds. I would simply hit an access with the least amount of cars and fisherman. From my reports, both long slow sloping beaches and sharp drop-offs fished really well. Most of those I spoke with fished sinking lines because of how grab happy the fish are. There’s really nothing like setting a number two streamer into an angry ten pound cutthroat. With all this said, I still saw plenty of people hooked-up while fishing the bobber.

Fly selection is going to be less important for the fish and more important for the angler for now. This will likely change as more fishing pressure continues on the lake.  For now, it’s time to strip the fun stuff. Try the Hook Up in Olive or Black #4, Stinger Bait Tui Chub #4, A-51 Leech Purple or Red #4, or Holo Wing Bloody Black or Grizzly Black #4. Large midge and balanced flies including; UV Tease in Red Hot #8, Spark Plug in Red or Blue #8, Pilot Nymph in Dark Amber or Wine #12, XXX Midge in Black or Red #12, Balanced Leech in Peacock or Peacock Black #6, Electric Balanced Leech in Peacock or Peacock Black #6, and Balanced Baitfish in Tui Chub or White #6.

Please be aware of new hazards that now exist with recent floods. Deep mud and sand are present in areas that never had it before and new deep drop-offs have suddenly appeared. It’s a good idea to walk the road your going to drive before taking your vehicle on it.

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