Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – December 1st 2015


Pyramid Lake Fishing Report – December 1st 2015:

Pretty consistent start compared to the past few seasons. Lots more fish caught out in 30′ of water for those brave enough to fish from boats.  Reports are still really inconsistent from shore. The good reports now from shore are one fish per hour. Slow reports are one fish per day. We should really see that mix up with the last round of storms and the next week of storms. Water temps are right for the arrival of the larger cutthroat close to shore. They’re coming in with the cold.

Good beach reports from Monument, Warrior, Indian Head, Wino, Popcorn, and Howard’s. Hot flies at the moment include; Woolly Worm #6 Martini Olive or Midnight Cowboy, Hook Up #4 Silver or Olive, Beetle #8 Blue or Black, Bottle Rocket #6 Northern Lights or Blue, Holo Wing #4 Midnight or Golden OlivePyramid Lake Balanced Leech #6 Black or Olive or Brown.

Upcoming Seminars and Schools: 

Tying the Hook Up – $60 – December 9th – 6:30pm-8:30pm – Learn to tie the Hook Up Streamer with the fly’s creator Jan Nemec. Especially productive in fall at Pyramid Lake, and in Spring on the Truckee and East Walker Rivers. An excellent pattern for a multitude of warmwater and saltwater species. Cost is $60 and includes material. This class is open to intermediate and advanced tiers. Email to sign up. The class takes place at the Reno Fly Shop

Fly Fishing Pyramid Lake – $150 – December 13th – 11:00am-3:00pm – An excellent 4-5 hour course with guide John Fochetti for introducing the beginner or intermediate angler to fly fishing Pyramid Lake. History, gear, knots, seasonal strategies, fly selection and access are all covered in detail. Water loading, roll to single haul, and the false cast and shooting line are demonstrated and practiced. Classes are kept small for more personal instruction, not exceeding four students. Class materials, A dozen of the hottest flies, and drinks provided. Loaner ladders, rods, and waders all available.

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