Wiggle Tail


The Jay Fair Wiggle Tail from the Mimic Fly Shop

Available in: Black, Rust, Cinnamon, Olive, Brown

Size: 8

Proudly tied in the USA

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The Jay Fair color combinations available are proven over the last thirty or more years. A very unusual pattern breaking many of the traditional fly proportion rules. You can’t argue with results and this fly gets them, it heavily weighted and wiggles better then any other fly in your box.

Imitates: Leech or small baitfish in lakes, reservoirs, and slower moving rivers. Well known for imitating the famous Eagle Lake leech it’s caught plenty of the very famous Eagle Lake rainbow trout.

Useful for: Retrieving behind a sinking, sink tip, and floating lines. This fly imitates the leech’s natural movements better then any other. You need to have this in your fly box if you fish any stillwater or slower moving river.

Tricks/Techniques: The fly does it all with its long tail and heavy under weight. When retrieving this fly behind your favorite floating, full sink, or sink tip fly line, be sure to give it plenty of time to sink with long pauses between strips. Many argue that this fly has a problem with fish taking just the tail (short strikes) but i haven’t experienced that myself. Fish suck this one right in and don’t like to let go.

This fly is hand tied at my own bench in the United States of America under the highest of scrutiny.  A tested and proven pattern.

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Black, Rust, Cinnamon, Olive, Brown


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