Stillwater Nymph, Jan’s Bead Head


Jan’s Bead Head Stillwater Nymph from the Mimic Fly Shop

Available in: Burnt Olive (Olive/Orange), Rust, and Orange.

Size: 10, 12, and 14

Proudly tied in the USA

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Product Description

Jan’s Bead Head Stillwater Nymph is a great combination of soft hackle, flash and J-Fair colors. The Jay Fair Marabou combined with just the right amount of flash definitely separates this nymph from others.

Imitates: Leech and medium sized nymphs in reservoirs and slower moving rivers.

Useful for: Retrieving behind a sinking lines as well as under an indicator. This is a great fly to put behind a leech pattern on a sinking line. Great paired with a midge or other smaller nymph under an indicator.

Tricks/Techniques: The bead head version gets down quickly when a little extra depth is needed. Under an indicator or retrieved its one of the West’s top three stillwater nymphs. The marabou body and soft hackle makes this fly move well under water like any good stillwater should. It imitates many of the larger insects in lakes and reservoirs well. If imitating a leech remember how slow they move if your retrieving. Those fisherman catching 90% of the fish are often pulling this behind a clear camo intermediate sinking line. Its obvious that the color combinations are those of another popular stillwater nymph. This style pattern seems to be just as effective yet more durable then the others available.

This fly is hand tied at my own bench in the United States of America under the highest of scrutiny.  A tested and proven pattern.