Kerplunk Midge


The Pyramid Lake Kerplunk Midge from the Mimic Fly Shop

Available in: Red, Wine, Black, Fuchsia, Purple and Blue.

Size: 10

Proudly tied in the USA

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Product Description

The Kerplunk Midge is a heavy conehead midge tied on a hook made for twenty pound trout. The pearl white cone and white rib really contrast with the holographic body.

Imitates: Larger chironomids/midge in Pyramid Lake.

Useful for: Nymphing for giant Lahontan Cutthroat under an indicator just off the bottom at slow sloping beaches. Equally as effective near sharp drop-offs/ledges near the shore.

Tricks/Techniques: The most consistent colors are absolutely the Black, Red and Wine versions, while the bright colors have their occasional hot days. Nymphing under an indicator is the preferred method for fall and spring fly fisherman. Keep the depth under the indicator shallow when fishing near sharp drop-offs or when fish are visible breaching the surface during early spring mornings.

This fly is hand tied at my own bench in the United States of America under the highest of scrutiny.  A tested and proven pattern.

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Red, Wine, Black, Fuchsia, Purple, Blue


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