Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada


The Fly Fisher’s Guide to Nevada by Jan Nemec from the Mimic Fly Shop

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The Fly Fisher’s Guide to: Nevada – Jan Nemec

Three very good books exist for Northern Nevada but we’re partial to this one. The most recent of the books released for those crazy enough to fly fish the desert. This books goes into much more detail then it should on every major river, creek, lake, and reservoir in the state.

The waters covered include; Truckee River, Pyramid Lake, Lake Tahoe, Squaw Creek Reservoir, Carson Rivers, Walker Rivers, Lahontan Reservoir, Spooner Lake, Marlette Lake, Hobart Reservoir, Knot Creek Reservoir, Humboldt, Rivers, South Fork Reservoir, Wildhorse Reservoir, Owyhee River, Sheep Creek Reservoir, Bruneau, River, Jarbidge Rivers, Mary’s River, Lamoille Creek, Ruby Lakes and Collection  Ditch, Illipah Reservoir, Eagle Valley Reservoir, Echo Canyon Reservoir, and many more of the less known fisheries across the state.  In addition to the fisheries covered, fly patterns, gear selection, special techniques, and even places to stay are covered in detail.


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