Eagle Lake Leech


The Eagle Lake Leech from the Mimic Fly Shop

Available in: Black, Rust, Cinnamon, Burnt Orange, Burgundy and Brown

Size: 8

Proudly tied in the USA

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The Jay Fair Marabou color combinations available are proven over the last twenty years. A very ordinary pattern with no ordinary results.

Imitates: Leech or small baitfish in lakes, reservoirs, and slower moving rivers. Well known for imitating the famous Eagle Lake leech it’s caught plenty of the very famous Eagle Lake rainbow trout.

Useful for: Retrieving behind full sink, sink tip, and floating lines to reach desired depth. The Original version of this pattern has an unmatched movement, breathing even in the calmest water conditions.

Tricks/Techniques: Leech move very slow, retrieving this pattern slowly with long pauses will often catch more fish. A slender body and light marabou puffs are key to keeping this fly as realistic as possible, petite is key. Try a longer leader if your fishing this behind a floating line.

This fly is hand tied at my own bench in the United States of America under the highest of scrutiny. A tested and proven pattern.

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Black, Rust, Cinnamon, Burnt Orange, Burgundy, Brown


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