The Brassie from the Mimic Fly Shop

Available in: Copper

Sizes: 12-18

Proudly tied in the USA

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Product Description

The Brassie is a fine example of how little it takes to entice some trout. Wire and peacock herl are the only two materials in the pattern.

Imitates: Most large midge larva, caddis larva and pupa, and many other small insects.

Useful for: Trout in any piece of water they are present, east or west. Its basic striped body gives good segmentation which is present on many insects. The peacock herl head is irresistible to trout.

Tricks/Techniques:  This is an amazingly simple yet effective nymph. It catches fish under an indicator or retrieved behind sinking or floating line. Deadly fished behind a floating line and 12′ fluorocarbon leader in a series of six short one inch strips followed by a long pause allowing it to fall again then repeated. Imitating the natural rise of an emerging midge. A great addition behind any streamer when searching or trolling slowly. In the larger sizes its a darn good caddis larva imitation in the west’s rivers.

This fly is hand tied at my own bench in the United States of America under the highest of scrutiny. A tested and proven pattern.