The Draggin – A Second Wind

jans draggin

A number of years ago Jan’s Dragon lived in the Orvis catalog but died shortly their after. It saw exactly the amount of success that you’d expect out of a stillwater fly tied by an east coast company (except for Bill Reed of course) . It was unfortunately before carp fishing really took off as well, so needless to say it didn’t last very long. Now, with carp fishing becoming more and more acceptable, and the new generation of Pyramid fisherman shying away from the traditional flies, the Draggin is back, and better than ever. Available from Nevada’s Fly Shops; The Anglers Edge, The Reno Fly Shop, The Elko Fly Shop, and Mimic fly shop.

Check out the Reno Fly Shop Podcast here for some tying tips, a little nonsense, and possibly a little fun. A tying recipe and step by step instructions are also due out in the Summer 2016 issue of Sierra Fisherman. The Tan and Rust versions will also be available this week in the Mimic Fly Shop. Or find them now at the Reno Fly Shop.

jans draggin2

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