Its Carp time!

25lbs carpThe above toad was landed this spring on Jan’s Carp Tickler fly pattern by Mike Curtis. Think about the warmwater fisheries at Washoe, Squaw Creek, Lahontan and Rye Patch for carp and bass. Be sure to check your local ditch, slough, or drainage pond for some of the best redneck flats fishing in the country going on right now. Thanks to Gink and Gasoline for the pick below – #33 Carp Tickler


Fly Patterns 2013 – G&G Top Pick



I told everyone a while back that I would be writing a post showcasing Gink & Gasoline’s top fly pattern picks for 2013. The flies below caught our eyes and we wanted to share them with the community. We hope everyone finds this post helpful and gets excited about adding some of these great patterns to your fly boxes for the 2013 fly fishing season. Match the number by each fly in the header photo with the quick links below for more information about the fly pattern, creator and fly manufacturer. 


1. Grillos Hamburgler

2. Grillos Hippie Stomper

3. Hickman’s Sid Fishes

4. Ish’s Butt Scudly

5. Lively’s Beady Bulbous – PMD

6. Lively’s Freestone Emerger

7. Lively’s BFD – Olive

8. Lively’s Don King Midge

9. Morrish’s Fluttering Stone

10. Morrish’s Roach – Cricket

11. Gray Drake Foam Spinner

12. Mercer’s Glint Nymph

13. Craven’s Flip Flop – Bonefish

14. Barry’s Carp Bitter

15. Longhorn Beetle

16. Half/Half CDC Emerger – PMD

17. Mayer’s Mysis Shrimp

18. Span Juan Worm

19. Sulphur Nymph

20. Northwind Cripple – Mayfly

21. Thompson’s Forky Baetis

22. Bob’s Old School Copper/Green Nymph

23. Jake’s No Sink CDC Caddis

24. Dunnigan’s Scud Flashback

25. Ibrahim’s Pincher Crawdad

26. Ibrahim’s Dragonfly Nymph

27. Parkin’s BH PR Muskrat Stonefly

28. Walker’s Wiggler – Bass

29. Hot Legs Foxy Gotcha – Bonefish

30. Josh’s Wiggle Hellgrammite

31. OE Stonefly Nymph

32. Real McCoy’s Gray Drake Spinner

33. Jan’s Carp Tickler

34. Bread Line Emerger

35. Gee’s Supafly Stone Dry

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